Client Snapshots


Meet Katie

65-year-old mother of 1
Living off social security

Her Challenge: She knows it is her responsibility to cover her funeral costs so her daughter isn’t burdened with any debt when she dies.

Her Solution: She purchases a whole life policy for $12,000 (the average cost of a funeral).

Payments are set up to be withdrawn the same day social security benefits are deposited into her bank account.




Meet John

35-year-old Banker
Currently paying into a 401k

His Challenge: He knows that when he withdraws his 401k money as he gets closer to retirement, he will be paying more in taxes than he is now. Possibly as much as 50%.

His Solution: He rolls his 401k over in an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) savings vehicle which will allow his to take loans from his balance tax-free, whenever he wants.

He now pays into his IUL instead of into his 401k allowing him peace of mind in his later years.




Meet Mike & Mandy

65-year-old couple
Ready to withdrawal from their 401k

Their Challenge: They are hesitant to withdraw their money because they lose so much from tax-deferment and have no life insurance since their work policy lapsed upon retirement.

Their Solution: They roll their 401k over in a Fixed Indexed Annuity which provides a life time income payout regardless if there is money left in the account.

Their annuity pays them thousands a month to supplement other incomes they receive.




Meet Tina

25-year-old single
Mother of a newborn
New home owner

Her Challenge: Tina wants to do everything she can to provide for her child, but with her new home, she is hesitant to put money into a ‘temporary’ insurance policy. She is afraid she won’t have anything to show for at the end of the policy.

Her Solution: She purchases a 20 year term policy with Return of Premium, which means if she doesn’t die during the 20 years, she will get a check back for all of the money she has paid to into the policy as a lump sum check.

She can use this money for her then-20 year old to help with college, purchase a car, etc.




Meet Jeff

37-year-old married male
Successful home contractor
Primary income earner

His Challenge: Jeff wants to provide some protection for his wife during his prime income-earning years but worries about paying the premium if he is disabled and unable to work.

His Solution: He purchases a term policy with a Waiver of Premium Rider which provides the monthly premium will automatically be waived in the event Jeff is totally disabled.

He could also purchase a Disability Rider which will pay him an income if he is unable to work.




Meet Don

40-year-old married male
Three children ages 8, 6 and 3
Spouse’s family has a history of hereditary health issues

His Challenge: Don has group life insurance coverage through work but wants additional protection in case he decides to change jobs. Due to his spouse’s family has a history of cancer, they are concerned about the future insurability of their children.

His Solution: He buys a term policy with a Child Term Rider, which in addition to covering death, also includes a valuable conversion privilege, allowing each of Don’s children to convert their coverage to a new permanent insurance policy without evidence of insurability for an amount up to $100,000 per child.

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